Do you work on COVID-19 related projects? Was your business significantly affected by the pandemic?

If the answer to previous questions is yes, Hexadecimal will waive the subscription fee for you until the vaccine is discovered.

Never worry about downtimes again.

Find peace of mind knowing that your websites are up and running.

Keep everyone in the know about your uptime by publishing a status page.

Start monitoring my websites

To this day, Hexadecimal has run more than 4,500,000 uptime and certificate checks!

Uptime monitoring

Stop losing money, trust, and sanity by monitoring your websites and APIs every minute. But when things go haywire, and they will go haywire, be the first to learn about it.

Hosted status pages

Showcase your websites' real-time uptime status by publishing a status page. Your customers will certainly appreciate the transparency.

Versatile alerting

Multiple recipients? Check. Notifications delivered via email, SMS, and Slack? Check. Configurable delay for the first notification? Check. Recurring notifications with exponential backoff? Check. Per-website and global controls? Check. False positives? No!

Resolve downtimes faster

During the downtime, instead of receiving generic “your website is down” message, you will have a reason for what might be causing the downtime, how to troubleshoot it, and all the necessary debug information. Incredibly useful if you're on-call.

Certificate monitoring

When calendar reminders and hacky shell scripts won't cut it anymore. No more expired SSL/TLS certificates.

Team accounts

Bring over your team members by emailing them a link. You know that sharing credentials over pastebin is a Bad Thing, right? Right?!

Hands-on support

Instead of receiving canned, robotic responses to your questions that don't lead anywhere, get helpful, timely responses from the founder. Be sure that your emails won't end up in /dev/null.

Wide range of protocols

Are your servers running on the bleeding edge? From TLS 1.3 to HTTP/2 to IPv6, you have got yourself covered. Using legacy software with ancient protocols? You are covered as well.

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Don't leave your websites unattended.

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