Uptime monitoring

Monitor websites from multiple locations worldwide. Be the first to know when something goes haywire.

Certificate expiry checks

Get notified when SSL/TLS certificates are nearing their expiration date.

Domain expiry checks

Outgrow sticky notes and hacky shell scripts that remind you of domain expiration.

Powerful alerting

Multiple recipients? Check. Alerts delivered via Slack, email, and webhooks? Check. False alerts? Of course not.

Team accounts

Bring over your team members by sending them a link. No more credential sharing.

Status pages

Keep customer support requests in check by publishing status pages for one or several of your services.

Hands-on support

Need help in debugging cryptic errors? Want custom setup that suits your needs? Would like to chat? Always here for you!

Weekly reports

Start a week by getting a quick glimpse into websites without leaving the comfort of your inbox.

Straightforward pricing