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Downtime is costing you money, customers, and reputation.

Find peace of mind knowing that your websites are up and running.

But when they aren't, be the first to learn about it.

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To this day, Hexadecimal has run more than 1,800,000 uptime and certificate checks!

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Uptime monitoring

Monitor websites and APIs from multiple locations worldwide, every minute. Be the first to know when something goes haywire.

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Certificate expiry checks

When calendar reminders and hacky shell scripts won't cut it anymore. No more expired TLS certificates.

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Minimum false positives

You shouldn't be up at night because your monitoring software is throwing false alerts left and right.


Versatile alerting

Multiple recipients? Check. Alerts delivered via email, SMS, and Slack? Check. Configurable alert intervals? Check.

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Team accounts

Bring over your team members by emailing them a link. You know that sharing credentials over pastebin is a Bad Thing, right? Right?

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Resolve downtimes faster

Instead of getting generic “your website is down, go figure” message receive helpful debugging information, just when you need it the most.

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Hands-on support

Instead of receiving canned, robotic responses to your questions, get helpful, timely responses from the founder.


Modern protocols

Living on the bleeding edge? From TLS 1.3 to HTTP/2 to IPv6, you have got yourself covered.

Get up and running in seconds. Literally.

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No upsells, no hidden fees, no tracking, no ads, no dark patterns, no shenanigans, no mumbo jumbo.