Running costs of a SaaS

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My attempt at answering the age-old question: how much does it cost to start and run a (bootstrapped) software company?
service description cost / unit
Hexadecimal Monitoring Hexadecimal web app and a static site (the one you're currently on). Talk about dogfooding. $8 / month
Fastmail Business email. Snappy web interface and your support requests don't go to /dev/null. $5 / month
Sendgrid Transactional email. Thinking of switching to Postmark. $0 / month
Cloudflare Domain registration and DNS servers for the root domain and all subdomains. I use CNAME flattening so that Netlify can point to the root domain. Caveat: you can't change name servers (NS records) once your domain is administered by Cloudflare Registrar. $8.03 / year
Netlify The site you're on is hosted on Netlify. They handle certificate renewals and the whole asset pipeline. I don't use static site generators at the moment, just plain old HTML, CSS and SVG files with sprinkles of JavaScript for interactivity (lots of copy & paste as you've guessed). Result: ~3KB web pages (when gzipped) that load in less than 500ms. The website works fine on low-powered phones, and I get the accessibility and SEO out of the box, although I don't support ancient browsers. $0 / month
Heroku Hosting a Rails 6 app and a single background worker that performs all jobs except uptime and certificate checks. Also, application metrics, such as response time, throughput, memory usage, and a few Ruby specific ones. This obviates the need to use a third-party application performance monitoring SaaS. All pages are rendered on the server. They handle certificate renewals for me. $50 / month
Redis Cloud Managed Redis hosting, since AWS ElastiCache doesn't allow outside access to the cluster (technically, you can connect either via SSH tunnel or a proxy NAT instance, but it is too duct tapey). $10 / month
Papertrail Aggregating logs from Heroku. For privacy and performance reasons, I don't use third-party analytics, so it is the only window inside the app. I set up alerts that notify me whenever logs match some predefined regex rules (errors, exceptions, warnings, etc..). $0 / month
AWS EC2 4 background workers distributed globally. Running on t3a.micro with one Elastic IP attached to each of them. The daily cost also incorporates mysterious EC2-Other category. Once business reaches a certain scale and I have more usage data on my hands, I will probably switch to reserved instances. I am using $5000 credit from the Stripe Atlas to cover my monthly bill (on top of the free tier). $1.38 / day
AWS RDS Managed Postgres hosting. db.t3.micro with Multi-AZ failover. Backups are retained for 10 days. Encryption at rest and in transit. I use a custom parameter group that forces SSL on all connections. $1.05 / day
AWS CloudFront CDN for static assets (for the web app only). $0 / month
AWS SNS Sending SMS messages. Capped the spending at $50 per month. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Github Hosting for git repos. As of today, a static site and a web app live separately. I configured Netlify and Heroku to automatically deploy code once I push to the master branch of those repos. I deploy to workers manually, using Capistrano. Lots of manual copy and paste between HTML and CSS files, which is less than ideal. $0 / month
Slack I have built and currently maintain a Slack app. $0 / month
Stripe Payments Payment processing. Additional 1% for foreign currency conversions. I use Stripe Dashboard as a lightweight CRM. 2.9% + $0.3 / charge
Stripe Radar Payment fraud detection, prevention, and analytics. $0 / charge
Stripe Billing Recurring subscriptions, payment recovery, revenue analytics, invoices & receipts generation, and partial EU VAT compliance. First $1 million is processed for free. The whole SCA thingie could have been handled better, especially documentation part. 0.4% / charge
Stripe Atlas They help you to incorporate a Delaware C Corp or LLC, open a bank account, and give you a bunch of perks, such as $5000 AWS credit. $500 / once
Rocket Lawyer Companies formed in Delaware are required to maintain a registered agent in the state. The first year is included in the Stripe Atlas' application fee. $100 / year
Silicon Valley Bank Business checking account that (optionally) comes with Stripe Atlas. Meh. $25 / month
pass Free and open source command line password manager for Unix. Each password lives in a separate GPG encrypted file. Using Git to track changes. I don't have team members, so there is no need to share passwords or keys. Switched from KeePassXC. $0 / month
Authenticator Free and open source two-factor authentication app for iOS. Switched from FreeOTP. $0 / month