Do you work on COVID-19 related projects? Was your business significantly affected by the pandemic?

If the answer to previous questions is yes, Hexadecimal will waive the subscription fee for you until the vaccine is discovered.



You can switch your plan from subscription settings. Note that you won’t be able to downgrade your plan if the number of websites you monitor exceeds the number of allowed websites under the new plan.

Your card will be charged either monthly or annually, depending on the payment schedule you signed up for. If you change your plan, the unused portion of your old plan will be prorated to your next invoice. All payments are handled by Stripe in a PCI and SCA-compliant manner.

To cancel your subscription, delete your account from account settings. That will also delete all your data. If you had an active subscription at the time of account deletion, you won’t be charged going forward.

Invoices and receipts

The billing address that you enter when submitting your payment information is going to appear on your invoices and receipts. In addition to that, you can add your business or personal name from account settings. If you’d like to see anything extra on your future invoices and receipts, such as VAT ID or a Purchase Order (PO), please get in touch.

You can view and download all your past invoices and receipts from billing settings.