Why Hexadecimal?

What makes Hexadecimal the developer's choice for uptime monitoring?

Minimum false positives

When your website appears to be down, it is checked from at least 4 different locations throughout the world. The website is only marked as down if the majority of servers can agree on that, which rules out a lot of false positives. You shouldn't be up at night because your monitoring software is throwing false alerts left and right.

Personal support

You won't be redirected from one support ticket to another while told to wait 5 business days. You will be getting support from the founder who has built the entire thing himself and knows every nook and cranny. Whatever your problem might be, you will receive the attention you deserve.

Gorgeous status pages

With a click of a button, you can publish a status page that will show your websites' status. Your status page represents your business, that's why it should look slick, load fast, be secure, work across a wide range of devices, and be accessible to screen readers and search engines. With Hexadecimal, you get monitoring and status pages in one place. No need to juggle between multiple services to get this functionality.

Powerful alerting

Hexadecimal has rich, actionable notifications. But what good are they if they are sent at the wrong time? Or worse, sent only once? You can set up global or local notifications. You can choose when to send the first notification so that you won't be bothered by very short downtimes. Downtime notifications are sent with exponential backoff, making sure you won't miss them.

Debug problems faster

When it hits the fan, you want to spend as little time as possible in identifying the problem. While run-of-the-mill monitoring software can notify you that your website is down, they might not tell you what went wrong, what might have caused it, and how to troubleshoot the problem. Basically, you're left in the dark. Not with Hexadecimal!

Certificate expiry checks

You have probably automated the certificate renewal process, but it never hurts to keep an extra pair of proverbial eyes on your SSL/TLS certificates. You will receive multiple notifications when your certificates are nearing their expiration date. Less stress for engineers, fewer tickets for support folks.


Getting out should be as easy as getting in, that's why you can permanently delete all your data with a click of a button. You won't be pestered with obnoxious popups trying to harvest your email. If you aren't satisfied with the service within 30 days, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Indie business

Hexadecimal is a small and independent business run by someone who cares. There are no investors to be beholden to, no growth targets to hit, and no pressure to exit in the next few years. You pay money for the service, and in return, get peace of mind knowing that your websites are up and running.

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